Here in this guide you will learn a detailed guide on White Hat SEO, best methods for find suitable keywords, crafting your contents, promoting contents and getting backlinks using White Hat SEO techniques.

Reaching at the top of Google is a very difficult task and if you want to reach then it is sure that you have to work hard and hard on your site. Also read How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money

Sometimes you work much harder on your site than that of your competitors and your pages have also potential for number one position but you still don’t reach at number one position the reason for this is you just focus on healthy and informative articles. I am not saying don’t focus on writing useful articles, instead, you should also follow some SEO techniques to boost the ranking of your pages, and you know the worst thing is that when your site is much better than that of your competitors and your pages are still under their sites in search engine result page. In such situation, people thought they cannot rank on number one position and they lose their heart. I have also experienced this, I have lost the battle of blogging for two times and this is my 3rd try. But now I am fully prepared to fight with my competitors that are why I am going to share this detailed guide with you.

White Hat SEO Case Study: A Guide For Website Ranking

Before we start digging in I would like to explain what White Hat SEO is?

What is White Hat SEO? (The definition)

White Hat SEO means improving the performance of your site in SERP using such techniques which follow search engine rules and also maintains the integrity of your site.

Why is White Hat SEO Important for your sites?

Why is White Hat SEO Important for your sites
Why is White Hat SEO Important for your sites

This is a very interesting question because the answer is in the question. Why Hat SEO techniques just optimize your site for Search engines and they display your sites in search results. If you don’t follow any White Hat SEO techniques then your site may not be displayed in search result page and resultantly your business will be zero now consider if your site is fully optimized and is one first position for specific keywords or say on the first page. People will open your site’s results from search engine result page resultantly your services will be used and you will earn revenue. That’s why White Hat SEO is very important for any sites which want to stand out of the crowd.

Why should you implement White Hat SEO techniques on your site?

Implementing White Hat SEO not only produces a good impression on search engines, in fact, What Hat SEO has a good impression on your customers. For example, link building is a popular White Hat SEO strategy although it is a difficult task but if you do this correctly your site will be boosted on Google’s top pages, now this has two benefits one is boosting of your site’s ranking is search engine the second is trust of customers. When many sites start linking to any specific site or page the trust of visitors also increase on the site which is being linked and they can be easily converted into customers. There are much more benefits of White Hat SEO that’s why it is highly recommended to focus on White Hat SEO if you are looking for good results for your site.

Top White Hat SEO Techniques which you should implement

I think there is no limit of White Hat SEO techniques because Google and other search engines are continually updating their algorithms and are generating new ranking factors for websites which increase the number of White Hat SEO techniques, so I cannot say I will describe all of the most important white Hat SEO techniques but I will try my best to provide you will a great story of White Hat SEO techniques which will be working in present as well as in future.

Before you look at the list of these techniques I would like to explain White hat a little more.
White Hat SEO is divided into two categories these categories are as follow;

  • On Page Optimization

On Page Optimization covers all those techniques which can be performed on post basics. For example including keywords in the beginning of title tags, using out bounded links, breaking up pages using heading and subheading and also including keywords in headings etc. are the most common on page optimization techniques.

  • Off Page Optimization

Off page optimization covers all those techniques which are performed site wide. For example, link building, using a responsive theme, easy to navigate menu navigation system, fast loading site etc. are the most common off page optimization techniques. If your site is on Bloogger then you should check Best SEO Optimized AdSense Friendly Responsive Blogger Templates.

This white hat SEO guide is not a list of White Hat techniques, instead, this is a perfect success story which many of successful bloggers have used and now I am going to describe it to you. I will not tell a lie with you (as you are the source of my bread and butter) I have read more than 50 popular SEO guides and below is the conclusion of these guides. It took me more than two weeks (yes it is also true) to get pure information from these guides and now I can say I can guide you in such a way that your website’s ranking will be boosted in days but for doing all this you need to follow one motto “faith and focus” because this is only thing which will get you closer to your goal.
Let’s start the guide using some steps,

Find your keywords

Find Your Keywords
Find Your Keywords

Before you start the first thing you need to know is to find your keywords. I mean what are you going to write, what will be the topic and focused keyword of your articles, are you going to write about a boring topic all of this starts with your keywords.

So first you need to find your keywords, but how to find keywords?

Look at your site’s topic. What is the niche of your site, just think what should you write which can cover Google’s first spot and people are also interested to read about your selected topic.

For finding the answer of above question the best method is Google. Yes, it is Google.

Just launch the Google and search for your niche here I will use my site’s niche which is SEO Guiding.

SEO Guiding
SEO Guiding

What I found after hitting SEO Guiding in Google is in front of you. I just open top 10 results and read what focused keywords are and the focused keyword was website ranking techniques.

Once again I launch the Google’s homepage and search for website ranking techniques and this time I found some more keywords these keywords were

  • On page techniques
  • White hat SEO
  • Website ranking techniques
  • SEO techniques
  • Off page SEO techniques

All of the above-mentioned keywords were in non-processed form, I have to process them to get a golden keyword where I can focus and is also suitable for my site.

I logged into my Google keywords planner account and search for all of these terms and the result was very good these terms had average monthly searches of 1 M – 10 M which is huge. These were the terms where I have to focus and write a healthy post.

Searching Keywords in Google Keywords Planner
Searching Keywords in Google Keywords Planner

Writing great title tags

SEO friendly Title Tags
SEO friendly Title Tags

Before writing, I have to choose a suitable title for my post so I entered each of these terms in keywords planner and get individual ideas.

All of the terms were fantastic and I could not decide what to choose.

Then once again I open and search for each term separately.

And the best thing I found a new word that was the case study.

SEO friendly Title Tags
SEO friendly Title Tags

I immediately searched for SEO Case study and found it had also a good number of searches that was 1 M – 10 M. So finally, I decide a title white hat SEO and a good phrase Case Study.

SEO friendly Title Tags
SEO friendly Title Tags

By combining it became “White Hat SEO Case Study” but it was still missing something, yes it was too short so I have to add some more words in this title to make it more appealing.
Once again I look at the rough keywords which I had found first and found a keyword website ranking and also added this is my post’s title because it has a good search volume.

Finally, I found a good title my for article it is

White Hat SEO Case Study: A Guide For Website Ranking

Here our second part is complete. If you think finding keywords is difficult then you may not succeed because it is the most important step even if you follow all other SEO tactics but not this one you will definitely fail. So follow the motto “faith and focus”

Creating Contents

SEO friendly Title Tags
SEO friendly Title Tags

Creating contents are the easiest work as you have to just write (I know it takes hours and fingers start painting but it is still easy). But before you create something you need to know something and this is the difficult task.

You cannot create anything until you cannot understand and thought that. SO first you should have much material for writing your contents if your start writing contents without any information then you will just write words and they would not have any meaning, not having meanings mean your contents will be dead as they cannot help your readers and ultimately you will be failed.

How to collect data for writing a perfect article which has helpful information so that can be used by our readers? The simple and easy method is to learn it on Google.
Just type your topic in Google search box and hit enter and start reading the web pages, you will get much information.

The advance method to get good information is to contact experts, for example, Richard Marriot at Clambr posted an article in which he contacted many experts more than 100 and about 55 of them reply him. He just asked them which tool they use for improving SEO, they answered him and Richard Marriot composed a detailed article on this according to the expert’s views.

His article receives 5000 page views in a week and it was just because he provided the users with some useful information.

The second example of this technique is this article I have already told you that I have read more than 50 SEO guides to get useful data and after gathering much information I am writing this detailed guide to help others what I have learned and how can they also.

You can also read Yoast’s article on 10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post

Formatting your contents

Formatting your contents is as important as sleeping for you because if you don’t format your contents in attractive, magnetic, cute and engaging ways then no one will read them and if no one will read your contents then your all efforts will be in vain.

A question will be popping up in your mind how to format contents?

Here a popular SEO technique needs to be in motion and that is On-Page SEO.

Yes On Page SEO is the best method to format your content in such ways that they not only become user-friendly, in fact, search engines also start loving them.

So now we need to follow On Page SEO.

On Page SEO Factors related to URLs

On Page Factors Related to URLs
On Page Factors Related to URLs

URLs play a vital role in ranking of your pages and using a good URL is the most significant white hat SEO technique which can boost your pages on the top of search result page.

Here the question arises how to optimize URLs?

Well, this is very simple and will take just two minutes to create a user-friendly and search engine loving URL.

  • Making Search engine friendly URL: To make your URL search engine friendly it should be short and contain your focused keywords. Matt Cutts from Google has clearly stated that keywords in URLs help Google to determine the topic of the page and resultantly Google boosts your site’s ranking.

    On Page Factors Related to URLs
    On Page Factors Related to URLs
  • Making User-friendly URL: A user-friendly URL helps the users to easily jump to your specific pages and can also remember them easily if they want to visit your special pages again.To make your URL user-friendly just make it as shorter as you can also remove all the dates, folders, and categories from your URLs so that users can easily remember them.

On Page SEO Factors related to Keywords

On Page SEO Factors related to Keywords
On Page SEO Factors related to Keywords

Below are some website ranking factors which are related to the selected and focused keywords, so read them thoroughly and optimize your site according to them.

Use Keywords in beginning of title tags

The title tag is the most important factor for ranking of your web pages.

Using your selected keywords in the beginning of title tags tells search engines especially Google your contents is about this keyword and Google manages your pages for specific keywords and your web pages easily ranking higher.

Keywords in beginning of title tags
Keywords in beginning of title tags
Use Keywords in first 100 words
Use Keywords in first 100 words
Use Keywords in first 100 words

Having keywords in first 100 words gives a slight boost and is also important for describing your contents to Google. Google gives more importance in your first paragraph and especially first 100 words, so you should use your focused and selected keywords in first 100 words.

Keywords in headings

Google also reads the headings of your post’s and gives them much importance having keywords in headings is very useful for describing your content’s topic and it also makes it easy to target any keywords.

Headings tags must be at least 4 words so that they can make a long tail URL not a single word as long tail URLs also drive good traffic.

Use LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords are the closely related synonyms of your target keywords and they are so useful that you can’t imagine. If you are starting your blogging journey with a new blog then LSI keywords can be used to stand your site from the crowd very easily.

There are many tools available on the internet which you can use to find LSI keywords but the best one and most easy to use is Google. Yes, it is Google.

Just open and type any keywords for which you are going to find LSI keywords and scroll down at the bottom of result page you will find some related to… terms these are the best LSI keywords for your contents.

LSI Keywords using Google
LSI Keywords using Google

On Page SEO Factors related to Linking

On Page SEO Factors related to Linking
On Page SEO Factors related to Linking

Using links is easy to do or say the easiest on page SEO strategy. We can use links to boost the traffic of our sites in two ways i. Internal Linking ii. External Linking

Internal Linking

Internal linking create a web of links in your own site and when Google crawls starts crawling your site they visit your all the pages either they are on the homepage or ten clicks away from it all the pages are crawled and indexed.

If you want to see a great example of internal linking then you must look at Wikipedia’s pages they are crazy you can find more than 50 internal links on their average page and they can do this because they are Wikipedia.
But for you, 3-6 internal links are enough.

External Linking

Unlike internal linking external linking is also very useful especially when you link to high authority and useful contents, one thing you should note is you should link to such contents which are good not only for high authority sites.

Moreover when you include 5-10 external links per 3K words Google thoughts you are providing good information that’s why you have linked out to many other pages.

On Page SEO Factors related to Media

Undoubtedly media has a big effect on the ranking of websites. All those web pages which have at least one image or one video rank 46% better than those ones which don’t have media on them.

Using Images
Use Images in your contents
Use Images in your contents

Images help you to illustrate the steps so that users can perform them easily. One image can speak a hundred words so it is better to use images in your contents where they are needed. But it does not cut off by just embedding images; instead, you have to optimize images.

How to optimize images for better ranking?

There are many steps involved in optimizing the images.

  • Image size: It is the most significant fact because image size describes the resolution and quality of graphics you are going to use. If you use images whose size is in MBs they will load later and will make your site slow and slow sites don’t rank higher.
  • Alt Tag: Using alt tag for images is as important as titles for your contents. If you don’t use any ALT tag for images they will never ranking in image search and will not be called optimized. Your focused keywords must be in ALT tag of the image.

    using alt Tags for images
    using alt Tags for images
Using Videos

Videos are also very helpful for optimizing your contents especially YouTube videos, in fact, nowadays videos are replacing written articles and you can see this on Google search result page. Unlike images, videos must be optimized so that they can be useful for ranking your contents higher.

How to optimize videos for better ranking?
Use YouTube Videos in your contents
Use YouTube Videos in your contents

First, you should use YouTube videos as they have many benefits like fast loading, fantastic user experience, and the biggest is YouTube is owned by Google and Google gives importance to those pages who have embedded YouTube videos.

If you want to optimize your YouTube videos for your articles then first choose a similar title tag for your videos and write an in-depth description which can describe of round about 250 words and believe me your videos will rank as higher as you have hungry lions run for prey.

White Hat SEO Factors related to User experience

Although we are talking about post formatting and this topic may expand and can touch off page SEO but it is also very important.

Providing user experience is the most important thing which you should do otherwise you can never get success because when someone will not like your design they will immediately leave your site.

There are many factors which are related to user experience but here I will just describe two because I don’t want to expand this article on more than 5000 words.

Page Loading Speed
Page loading speed
Page loading speed

Page loading speed is the most important factor for ranking of your page in Google and Google has clearly said this is at Google webmasters central blog.
So you should consider on your site’s loading speed to check the loading speed of your site you can use Google page insights which is a free tool for checking the speed of web pages.

Site’s design

After page loading, speed site’s design is the second good ranking factor when we come under user experience because Google wants to provide its users with the best things that are why a responsive, neat and clean design has a significant role in user experience as well as in boosting your site’s ranking.

Oh finally, you have format your contents according to search engine rules and now your work is over. NOT ever I am sorry to say after hitting the Publish button your work is just started yes if you want to rank higher then you have to accept this truth.

So do not waste time like me because I have much time to waste but you may not have and proceed to next step.

Promoting your contents

All of above was nothing because the steps which you are going to follow now are the most hardest and amazing steps and believe me if you follow the motto “faith and focus” you will promote your contents very easily and it will be viral in a few weeks.
There are many methods to promote your contents. I have been inspired by many SEO experts and have collected and tested some methods to promote your contents so that you can follow them easily and can receive good results.

Use Email Outreach method

Email outreach is the best method to promote your contents and get hundreds of visitors on the first day of your content publishing even if you don’t have any Facebook or Twitter followers or say any blogging background.

In email outreach, we contact to the people who have the similar contents as our website have, for example before publishing this articles I contacted many site owners through emails and said

I am a regular visitor of your blog by inspiring your work I have also written a detailed guide on white hat SEO I would like to share it with you if you are interested

And most of the people happily asked me to send the link when the content is live.

Using Email outreach
Using Email outreach

I have followed and tested this technique for many time and most of the time it is very useful.

Not only they ask for a link, in fact, most of the times they also share my contents on their social accounts.

Repair broken links

Repair broken links
Repair broken links

Repairing broken links has become a popular technique for building backlinks and it is also super easy and has a good success rate.

Here in this technique you just need to find broken links in other sites and contact them that you have found broken links on their page and ask a backlink to your site as a reward.

How to use broken links repairing technique?

Now you are aware of what is broken links repairing technique but a question must be popping up in your mind how to find broken links? Don’t worry it is also very easy.

  • For finding broken links in web pages we will use a chrome extension can Check my links you can install that extension from here.
  • After installing the extension just open the page which you want to check and click on extension icon.
  • Now extension will check for all links on that page, all broken links will be highlighted with red color while others will be with green color.

    checking broken links
    checking broken links
  • That’s it you have got some broken links it’s time to contact the website owner and told them that you have found a broken link on their site and you will be very thankful if they add your site’s homepage or any other page on their own site as a reward for this finding broken link. If you have a page similar to broken link then you can send them that link too.

Fight for links

Fight for links is a simple but hardest technique to get backlinks but it is 100% useful and most of the times you can get many high authority links by just using this technique.

But for using this technique your content must be superb good.

Let me explain this technique with an example.

First, search your keywords in Google. For example, I search for What is SEO (for my previous post where I have to write detailed guide on what is SEO)

The first result was from having domain authority 86 and page authority at 79.

I just open Moz site explorer and paste the URL of that page into site explores they explore all the links which were pointing to that link.

Moz Site Explorer
Moz Site Explorer

Then I download the results in a CSV format and contact with about all the authors either by email or by dropping comments.

In comments or emails, I said

 I have just found that you have linked to with anchor text Search Engine Optimization and I jumped to that site. has just provided with a simple definition nothing more. I have a detailed guide on what is SEO? if you link to it will be more prominent.

Thank you for writing this detailed guide I really like and share this...

Fahad Mirza

And I got good results, although the results were not as good as expected because this was a brand new site having domain authority and page authority equal to zero and also this site had only one post.

You can follow this technique to get thousands of backlinks

Social Media Power

Social media is the easiest and helpful resource for promoting your contents faster and also easily. If you have a good number of followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ then it will be very easy for you to share your contents with them and get useful results.

The best method to get social traffic is to use weak ties. But;

How to get social traffic using weak ties?

Well, this is very simple.

You just need to contact your friends, coworkers, teammates, family or any other friends who can just help you by sharing your contents.

So it’s simple and easy to get your contents on the newsfeed of those users whom you not know but your colleges know.

I have used this strategy to boost the ranking of my many blog posts and it really works.

Promoting contents using Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social site having billions of users all over the world that’s why Facebook is considered the best social site for sharing promoting contents.
To make sure that your targeted audience can see and click on your contents you must follow some simple techniques.

  • Use Share for Share technique: for this technique search for similar pages, communities, groups and contact them that you will share their contents with your own audience and in return, they have to share your contents. This is the superb cool method for reaching to the new audience.
  • Share your contents using two profiles: I know you think this is an irrelevant or fake technique but believes me it can boost your conversion rate. When the same piece of content is shared by two or more than two Facebook users then that content is displayed at the top position in the newsfeed of all the friends which are common between.
  • Use attractive images: for increasing the click through rate image must be attractive so that people can click them and can jump to your site.
Promoting contents using Twitter

Twitter is the second best social site after Facebook in driving traffic to your site. Most of the bloggers, webmasters don’t use Facebook, instead, they like to use Twitter that’s why it is a wise idea to share your contents on Twitter.

  • Use visual images with tweets: you know images increase click-through rate but most of the use jus tweet without any image and this is the mistake we should add images so that people can be attracted and click on our links.
  • Get more RT: Retweet has its own importance if people Re-tweet your contents it means they will be shown to more people who will increase the chances of good social exposed, the best method to get tweets and Re-tweets from unknown users is by tweeting their contents.
Promote Contents using Google +

Google + is new emerging social site and has got popularity in a short span of time that’s why it is a wise idea to share your contents on social sites like Google +.

  • Join Communities: if you want to share your contents on Google + and also want to get the most traffic to your blog post using Google + then there is nothing best than communities. You can find all kind of communities on Google + and most of the communities have 100K + members which mean more traffic, but it is all possible if you provide with some useful information.

For more techniques to drive traffic from Google plus you can read blogger tips tricks guide on getting traffic using Google plus.

Final Words

All about was a detailed guide on White Hat SEO. It took me more then 2 weeks to create this guide, if this has helped you then share it with your friends if you want to ask any question you can contact me using contact us page or drop a comment below.

Good Luck!