Here in this guide, you will learn what SEO is? Most common SEO Tips and Tricks for boosting the ranking of your blogs and finally SEO Techniques where you will learn about White Hat and Black Hat SEO Techniques.

You are probably new to the world of blogging or SEO that’s why you have hit What is SEO? in Google and jumped to my site. If yes then you are on the right path I have written this detailed guide on SEO and it is especially for beginners like you and for those who want to learn SEO honestly and want to boost their website traffic. This guide includes about all sort of information about SEO so you don’t need to open any other site if you read this informative guide completely.
What do you think should we start it? Yes of course.

What is SEO?

I have defined SEO in three terms so that you can easily understand all about SEO.

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What is SEO? Advance definition

SEO is the collection of some small but useful steps taken to improve the visibility of your website in organic search result pages for free. SEO is used to increase awareness in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. about your site so that you can get organic (non-paid) traffic. SEO has many aspects but sometimes you just need to change the structure of your site so that search engines can understand what your pages are about and can easy index, crawl and display them in search results. Above definition of SEO was for search engines and it does not end here. SEO is also for your site readers you have to optimize your contents for your reader as they are the primary consumers of your contents.

What is SEO? Simple definition

SEO means making your website and its contents search engines friendly so that your pages can be displayed in search results organically.
What is SEO in term of visitors?
SEO in term of visitors is optimizing your contents for your visitors so that they can find the information easily and can also interact with your pages quickly. If you want to improve SEO for readers then it includes following things.

  • A cleann and responsive desing
  • User-friendly and attractive layout
  • Easy to navigate navigation menu
  • Breadcrumb list etc.

Some of above aspects are also included the optimization of your contents for search engines, for example, a breadcrumb list can be used to improve your site’s ranking easily.
After you have learned about SEO the next thing you need to know about SEO its techniques used for optimization of your contents.

SEO Techniques

SEO Techniques are those methods which are done to improve your site’s appearance in search engines organically (non-paid).
There are two kinds of SEO techniques these are as follow;

White Hat SEO Techniques

White Hat SEO
White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO Techniques are used to optimize your site and its contents so that they can appear is top search results by following such techniques which are focused on human audience and also follow search engine rules and policies. White Hat SEO Techniques are the most popular SEO Techniques they are divided into two categories.

  • On Page Optimization

On Page optimization refers to such steps which are taken to improve your individual pages so that they can be listed in top search results, these steps include keyword density, proper use of keywords, including out bounded links etc. You can read more about on page optimization at Moz

  • Off Page Optimization

Off Page optimization refers to such steps which are taken to improve the overall structure of your site so that your all pages can be listed in top search results, these steps include your site’s theme, responsive design and easy to use menu etc. You can read more about off page optimization at Webopedia

Black Hat SEO Techniques

Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO Techniques are used to display the results of your site in top search results by following such ways that are not focused on human audience and may not follow search engine rules and policies.



Now I think have explained the SEO in a good way and answered your question very well, if not just drop a comment I will contact you with more details.

SEO Tips

SEO Tips
SEO Tips

Below is a list of SEO tips for boosting your audience within a short period of time.

  1. Find your Niche: Your site’s niche is the base of your site and are the door for visitors to visit your site, so first find you niche (I mean a keywords). I highly recommending to read Blogging Wizard’s guide on finding a perfect niche.
  2. Follow your Keywords: Following keywords mean, write contents around your keywords and include keywords in every paragraph of your articles.

    Follow Your Keywords
    Follow Your Keywords
  3. Content is King: Yes your contents are the king of your site, so write high quality, (An article which can clearly describe your voice is called quality contents, word count does not depend because it varies with your niche) unique and useful contents.
  4. Links are Queen: If you believe in the phrase “Content is king” then you cannot deny that “Links are Queen of your site”. Build a strong network of links between your contents.
  5. Keep your contents fresh: Google and other search engines love those contents which are fresh and those sites which keep on updating their contents; this is a proven SEO tip, so keep your contents fresh.
  6. Proper anchor text: Google says anchor text can describe the pages more effectively, so use your keywords while linking to your pages, for example, if you want to link a page having title “How to start a blog” then link it with its title not words like click here.
  7. Write Alternate Tags: Alternate tags are useful for describing your images as search engines cannot understand/read your images, so using alternate tags for your images help you to get traffic from images.

    Write Alternate Tags
    Write Alternate Tags
  8. Build quality backlinks: Backlinks work same as oil in the fire, so get backlinks from the most powerful sites, don’t think for quantity, instead, and look for quality while getting backlinks.
  9. Use links where they are needed: Don’t use links either from your own site or from other sources without any relation to your contents.
  10. Link to high authority sites: Linking to high authority sites produces a good impression on search engines as well as on your visitors because it gives power to your points. You can see I have linked many sites in this article.
  11. Optimize title tags: Optimize the title tags of your post so that they cannot be more than 60 characters but make sure any title should not be doubled.
  12. Don’t pay for backlinks: If you are paying to any site for adding your site’s backlinks on their homepage then you are just wasting your money as all the links present on the sidebar or footer of any website cannot enjoy link juice, instead, they must be inside the contents of high authority sites.
  13. Focus on local searches: Also use your accurate location so that your website can be displayed in local search results.
  14. Focus on just one or two keywords: You should focus on one or two keywords if you focus on many keywords then your post will not get as much rank as you are looking for.
  15. Use Long Tail Keywords: It has been proved that using long tail keywords improves your site’s ranking as well as page views of your posts. You can read Neil Patel’s post on generating 20000 visitors using long tail keywords.
  16. Get a .edu backlink to your site: Yes if you got even one backlink from a .edu site, your site is given much importance because search engines give them the most preference.
  17. Use social sites: Social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google + can also be used for improving your site’s ranking and this is a proven by Google’s Matt Cutts.
  18. Use YouTube videos to support your points: YouTube videos also play a vital role in the optimization of your contents both for search engines and visitors so embed YouTube videos where they needed (You can embed YouTube videos made from Google like videos of Matt Cutts etc.)
  19. Decrease your site’s loading time: Site loading time is also considered as a ranking factor by Google you can check your site’s loading speed at Page Insights by Google and can also find the reasons due to which your site have slow loading speed.
  20. Use LSI Keywords: LSI stands for “Latent Semantic Indexing” and it means closely-related keywords. You should now just use your one or two keywords, instead, use LSI keywords in your contents because it is more likely that visitors do not use the same term to search the same type of contents they can also use synonyms for searching the web.
  21. Use Bullets and Numbers lists: Using bullets and numbers increases the chances of displaying your site’s results in Google’s keywords graph that can increase your CRT.

    Use Bullets and Numbers
    Use Bullets and Numbers
  22. Insert Table view: Table view works same as bullets and numbers list as they increase the CRT. Google gives more importance to tables then that of bullets and number lists.

    insert table view
    insert table view
  23. Optimize your site for Mobile Devices: Nowadays people uses all kind of devices to search the web and mobile devices are trending the most, you should optimize your site for mobile devices so that your readers can also read your site from mobile devices.
  24. Use keywords in headings: Do you know Google reads your whole article when you publish it? If yes then you will be aware that headings are read first before the other contents of your page, so it is a good tip to use your keywords or their synonyms in your headings especially in H1 tags.
  25. Easy to use Social share buttons: Although social share button don’t play any role in the SEO of your site, but they play a vital role in sharing your contents. They must be visible on that part of your site where people can easily find them, top or bottom social share buttons are not a good idea instead they must float with your contents.
  26. Put keywords in the first position of title tags: You know that keywords are the main part of any blog post, and keywords can boost your site’s ranking easily so it is a good practice to include keywords in the beginning of your title tags. I highly recommending reading Brian Dean’s guide and read the second point which he had mentioned the importance of putting keywords in the first position of your title tags.
  27. Use Jump Links: Jump Links are used for sending your visitors to a specific part of your page without scrolling down by just clicking on the link. Jump Links are also red by Google and Google also display those jump links below your site’s results in search engine result page that increases the click through rate (CRT) of your site.

    Use jump links
    Use jump links
  28. SEO is not one time play: If you are thinking that once you followed some SEO tips, tricks and techniques you are done then you are wrong because SEO is not one time play, instead you have to continually read SEO guides, SEO Tips, SEO Tricks and SEO Techniques to boost your site’s ranking. So bookmark this page because I will keep on updating this article.
  29. Effectively use Keywords in first 100 words: For the better understanding of your contents, crawlers also read your first 100 words carefully and look for your keywords, so you should effectively use keywords in first 100 words of your article. For a perfect example, you can look at the top of this article I have used my keywords in the first paragraph.

SEO Tricks

After reading some tips related to SEO it’s time to learn some SEO tricks for boosting your site’s ranking.

Get Do-follow backlinks from Facebook

It is a truth that social sites like Facebook, Google + and twitter just gives backlinks to their users, but I have a super cool trick by which you can get some do-follow backlinks from Facebook. So do you want a do-follow backlink from Facebook? If yes, then read below steps.

  • Login to your Facebook account and click here
  • In the new tab click on “Add static HTML to a Page” button.
  • Then select your page by clicking on the drop down and click on the button saying Add page tab.
  • A new page will be loaded switch to Welcome tab and click on Setup tab button.

  • Under index.html tab remove all the contents which are written by default and write your own paragraph in HTML and insert do-follow links in them as I have done this, and finally, click on Save & Publish button.get-do-follow-backlinks-from-facebook-4

Get Unique Keywords from Google Keyword Planner

Undoubtedly Google Keyword planner is the best tool for searching and finding keywords which have low competition. But there is a problem with this cool tool, it gives the same keywords to you and to your competitors, right?
There is a simple and easy way which you can use to get unique and long tail keywords from Keywords planner; I have learned this technique from Brian Dean and sharing this with my own audience.

  • Open Google keyword planner and do the same thing which you do normally, I mean login and then select “search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category”
  • Enter your keywords in the keywords field and enter your competitor’s URL in your landing page field. Yes, your competitor’s URL in the landing page, don’t worry you will not be banned from doing this as there are not rules for putting the landing page URLs, so you can choose any URL which you want.

    Get Unique Ideas from Google Keywords Planner
    Get Unique Ideas from Google Keywords Planner
  • Finally, click on Get ideas button and you will see some long tail keywords instead, of those keywords which would be displayed without your competitor’s URL.
    Note: This method may not work for some keyword terms for example if you apply this method using a keyword like SEO it may show you the same keywords as without your competitor’s URL.

Find LSI Keywords using Google

Which tool do you use for finding LSI keywords? May it be SEMrush or any other tool of this kind? Most of the newbies find themselves in a fix when they search for how to find LSI keywords, so don’t worry there is a simple and easy to follow the method which you can use to find LSI keywords for free using Google.

  • Launch Google Chrome and search for any keywords for which you want to find LSI keywords.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see “related to + your keywords” these are the best LSI keywords which you should use, instead, of any other tool.

    LSI Keywords using Google
    LSI Keywords using Google

Rank your Pages with YouTube videos

Everybody knows that video marketing is replacing the content marketing but it is also true that it cannot replace contents by 100%. If you want to see the replacement of contents with videos then you must look at the top search results of Google mostly there are YouTube videos at the top spot. That’s why YouTube videos are the best and the latest way to rank your pages higher just by adding them to your blog posts.
But for ranking your pages using a YouTube video you need to know some important points. There are as follow;
Always add your own YouTube videos in your blog posts.
Your videos must be optimized according to your contents where you will add them.

How to optimize YouTube videos to rank pages higher?

Well, optimizing your YouTube videos is very simple and easy to do job. First make your own video, upload the video and choose a suitable title, rich with your keywords, (Instant tip: You can pick keywords from the top result of YouTube), final but the most important step write 250 + words in the description, most of the YouTube videos don’t rank just because they have description like this “In this video you will learn how to create blog” instead, of this poor description you should write a mini post which summarizes of all the steps described in your video which will make YouTube understand your videos and resultantly you will be ranked higher.
You can read Brian Dean’s guide How to rank YouTube videos

Linking to Authority Sites

Link to high authority sites
Link to high authority sites

Linking to authority sites is the killer White SEO trick for improving your site’s ranking. Google uses Hilltop algorithm that determine the presence of out bounded links on your pages, although this algorithm is more than a decade old but it is still important.

How does linking to authority sites improve ranking?

Superb question; what the hell why Google ranks those sites higher which links to other relevant sites? Well, this is done due to the Hilltop algorithm in Google’s site ranking factors When you link to other high authority sites related to your contents it produces a sense that your content are great and have good information, sites which link to other relevant sites are called “experts” if Google considers that your site is an “expert” your ranking will be automatically improved. That’s why linking to other authority sites is the top While Hat SEO trick.

Boost Specific page by Internal linking

Internal Linking has always been the top White Hat SEO tip as it helps search engines to crawl your all pages easily, your visitors to read more from your site and for you to get more page views, but do you know internal linking can also be used to boost your any specific page and bring that on the first page of search engine result page.
I think you are much interested in this SEO trick, so read the below lines carefully and bring your desired pages on the first page of SERP.

  • First, you need to find a page which you want to boost, no matter where that page already lies in SERP.
  • Now find some authority page of your site, for example, most popular posts of your site. You can find most popular posts of your site using aherfs or any other tool like this.

Get Backlinks from Wikipedia

You may know that Wikipedia is 4th most authoritative site of the world and the most of the traffic Wikipedia receives comes from the social engines like Google, and the most interesting thing is that it’s about all the pages ranks well in search engines and are displayed in top 10 search results. So getting a backlink from Wikipedia is very useful but there is a problem Wikipedia does not give do-follow backlinks, instead, all the external links are no-follow you will be thinking what the hell I am going to get a no-follow backlink? So it’s simple backlinks do not pass link juice but they are also helpful you can read Moz’s article on the hidden power of no-follow links.
So let’s get started.

  • Paste the following script in Google by replacing Keywords with your own Keywords.

Site: “Keywords” “dead link”

  • Open any Wikipedia result from search result page and press CTRL + F to open a search box. There type the dead link in the search box and open any copy the URL of that dead link.

    finding dead links on Wikipedia
    finding dead links on Wikipedia
  • When you have dead link open Way Back Machine and paste your URL in the URL bar and click on Browse History button. Way Back Machine will show you how many times this URL was crawled just click on the first date and the page will be loaded, read the page how that used to look now create a new page similar to that one.
  • Go back to and signup there, now Wikipedia will create a popup edit this or a suggested article click on edit this article and edit the source code of that article and insert your own dead link in the article. Finally, save the article Wikipedia’s moderators will look at your suggestion if they think it is useful your page will be remained there otherwise that will be removed. You can also read a detailed guide on getting backlinks from Wikipedia.

You have red a lot about SEO, SEO Techniques, SEO Tips and SEO Tricks now it’s time ot implement these SEO strategies on your site to boost the ranking.
I am waiting for your responses.
Good Luck!