Here in this article, you will learn some best SEO tips which are used by many experts and also by me on Pro SEO guides. I am sure you will definitely get good ranking by following these important SEO tips.

Search Engine Optimization or shortly say SEO is a big game not only for beginners also for experts.


Because SEO is not a lesson of your book which you will learn and give exams, SEO is a game which keeps on changing time to time and no one can say he is an SEO expert, can you? I know the answer is NO.

There are many shortcuts to everything in our life but unfortunately, there is not shortcut in SEO, but if you think Black hat SEO as a shortcut then you are just wasting your time, YES Black Hat SEO is just waste of time.

Wait, there is a shortcut for SEO, yes there is and that is White Hat SEO .White Hat SEO is the best way to improve your site and earn a good reputation in Google’s eyes (yes Google has eyes).

White Hat SEO is the best way to improve your site and earn a good reputation in Google’s eyes (yes Google has eyes).

But improving your site’s reputation in Google’s eyes by following a White hat SEO guide can take more than 1 month or even more, so we can use some white hat shortcuts to improve our site’s reputation and these Shortcuts are known as SEO Tips.

Why are SEO Tips Important?

SEO tips are very important for our sites because they help us to optimize our sites easily in just a few days. But some people say that SEO is nothing in 2016 or 2017 they are totally wrong because SEO has much more value than preceding years, why? Because Google has become smarter and those days are gone away when people used to follow some Black Hat techniques and get a good position in Google. That’s why SEO is very important as I described earlier SEO Tips are shortcuts to White Hat SEO so if you directly say SEO Tips are critical.

Look at the table of content below;

50 Most Important SEO Tips You Should Know

Here I have created an amazing list of proven SEO tips which can be easily followed and you will see a change in your site in a short period of time.
So, let’s give a try to these proven SEO Tips.

SEO Tips To Find Best Keywords

Keywords come in the first position when we talk about SEO. Keywords are not only used by search engines, in fact, they are also loved by users because users type keywords in Google and Google shows them results. So you can say keywords are just like a key for your SEO success.

There are many best ways to find perfect keywords below I have listed some best tips to find keywords.

Use Google Keyword Planner for finding Top keywords

Keywords Planner by Google AdWords is the best place to find thousands of competitive keywords for your selected industry. It is trusted by millions of advertisers, SEO Experts, Bloggers, and webmasters etc. to find such keywords which can rank higher easily for your niche.

Google Keyword Planner is also simple and easy to use;

How to Use Keyword Planner
  • Open Google Chrome, and search for Google Keyword Planner or simply click here.
  • Click on Create an account link at the right top corner and create a free account there. Watch below video to learn how to create an account in Google Keyword Planner


  • After creating an account go to Tools and select Keyword Planner. Under Keyword Planner select Search for new keywords using a phrase.

    How to Use Google Keyword Planner
    How to Use Google Keyword Planner
  • Enter any keyword in Your product or service field and click on Get Ideas.
  • Keyword Planner will show you some best Keywords which you can use for getting higher rankings.

Use Moz Keyword Explorer for finding Keywords

Undoubtedly, Moz is the probably best site on the internet for SEO guides. Moz provides detailed guides for each and every topic related to SEO, fortunately, this SEO giant has also started provided some SEO tools one of the best SEO tools of Moz is Moz Keyword Explorer.
You can use Moz Keyword Explorer to find top keywords their monthly search volume, keyword difficulty and much more.

How to use Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Simple search for Moz Keyword Explorer or just click here
  • Enter any search term or keyword in the search bar and click on search button.

    How to use Moz Keyword Explorer
    How to use Moz Keyword Explorer
  • That’s it Moz will list you all the necessary information such as keyword potential, difficulty, and opportunity etc. you can also see SERP analysis and suggested keywords there.

Use SEMRush to discover new Keywords

I don’t thing that I need to describe SEMRush but I am still describing because most of the people who are new to this field may not aware of this great tool.

SEMRush is the best tool for discovering new keywords in just a few seconds and I highly recommended you to use this tool if you can’t offer a paid tool like Moz Keyword Explorer although SEMRush provides limited features to free users but they are enough for beginners like me and may be for you.

How To use SEMRush
  • Simply open Google and type in the address bar and hit the enter key. On top right corner click on Register button (if you don’t have an SEMRush account) and register your very first account.
  • After confirming your email login to your account and look at the right side there you will find three drop-down menus like Domain Analytics, Keywords Analytics, and Projects, in first two menus you can find the answer to everything you are looking for.
  • To find top keywords click on Keywords Analytics there select Overview and type any keywords in the search bar. There you can find top keywords if you want to check the difficulty for any keyword then head to Keyword Difficult tab under Keywords Analytics.

    How To use SEMRush
    How To use SEMRush

USE to find Latent semantic indexing (LSI) Keywords

LSI keywords are said Latent semantic indexing are the words which are closely related to the searched words, for example, if you search for “how to find LSI Keywords” some other users may search “How to discover LSI Keywords” to show the best and most authoritative results to the users Google all other search engines have started using such technology which can understand your content and figure out LSI keywords so that they can be displayed when any search is made for these keywords. The conclusion of all this is you should also focus on LSI Keywords too.

There are many tools available in the market to find LSI keywords but there is no one best then LSI Graph.

LSI Graph is a dedicated tool which is designed to just find top LSI keywords in a matter of seconds.

How to use LSI Graph
  • Simply launch Google Chrome and type in the address bar and hit the enter key.
  • Once the tool loads just type any keyword in the search bar for which you want to find LSI keywords.
  • Prove you are not a robot by clicking on I am not a robot.
  • And finally, click on generate button to generate some great LSI keywords for your site.

    How to use LSI Graph
    How to use LSI Graph

Use’s Keyword Research Tool for LSI Keywords

SERPs is also one of the best service providers for SEO. Their Keyword Research Tool is best SEO tool for finding keywords, the best benefit of this tool is it is free, flexible and easy to use.

How to use’s Keyword Research Tool
  • Just click here to jump on SERPs keyword research tool.

    How to use’s Keyword Research Tool
    How to use’s Keyword Research Tool
  • Type any keyword in the respective field and click on Search button.
  • Wait for two or three seconds and this tool will list some LSI tools with their monthly search volume, value, and CPC.

Find LSI Keywords Using Google

Finding LSI keywords using Google is quite simple and easy and it just takes a single second to find best LSI keywords which Google already loves and you can also easily optimize your contents around these keywords.

Hot to find LSI keywords using Google
  • Open and search for the keyword you are interested to find the LSI keywords.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and read the LSI words at the end named as Related to.

    LSI Keywords using Google
    LSI Keywords using Google

Find Your Competitor’s Keywords they are ranking for

Today competitors have become the biggest headache for many bloggers and webmasters; there is a huge competition for everything on the Google even if you look for some boarding niches you will find great competition.

In such situation the best method to get higher ranking and good results are to follow your competitors, I mean what they are doing on their sites.

You can find those keywords for which your competitors are ranking and can optimize your contents for those keywords too so that you can get your site on the eyeballs of your targeted audience.

But how to do this,

Well, there are also many best tools for finding your competitor’s keywords they are ranking for but the number one in this list is SEMRush. Yes, SEMRush is the great tool for finding your competitor’s top keywords.

How to use SEMRush for finding Competitor’s top keywords
  • Simply go to the signup for their tool and go to Domain Analysis, then Organic Research and then Position.
  • There type any site (your competitor’s site) in the search bar and hit the enter key.
  • SEMRush will take 5-10 seconds and will display the top keywords your competitor is ranking for, not only this report.

    How to use SEMRush for finding Competitor’s top keywords
    How to use SEMRush for finding Competitor’s top keywords
  • it can also describe the other competitors of your typed address if you click on Competitors tab.

Find Unique Keywords Using Google Keyword Planner

As I described earlier Google Keyword Planner is the best tool to find some unique and best keywords easily.

But it is not best for finding keywords, especially for beginners.

But why?

The biggest problem with Google Keyword Planner is that it shows the same keywords to you as well as to your competitors too. Which causes a huge battle between you and your competitors because both of you start targeting the same keywords.

I have a method to get unique keywords using Google keyword Planner.

How to find Unique keywords using Google keyword planner?
  • Login to your Google Keyword Planner account and open the planner.
  • Simple click on search for a phrase and enter a keyword in your product field which you want to find.
  • Now open the Google and search for the same keyword which you had type in Google keyword planner and open the first, second or third result which you think is your best competitor.

    best competitor
    best competitor
  • Copy the URL of your best competitor and paste that into and hit Get ideas button.

    Your landing page field in Keyword Planner
    Your landing page field in Keyword Planner
  • Bingo! You will find some unique keywords, this time, these are the keywords which Keyword Planner would never show you if you had not followed this technique.

    Unique Keywords Using Google Keyword Planner
    Unique Keywords Using Google Keyword Planner

Important Note:

For some keywords, Keyword Planner will show same results as without competitor’s URL so don’t think this trick is not working for you.


SEO Tips For Writing Amazing Title Tags

Title tags are used to define the title of any document, file or a web page etc.

We also use title tags but we don’t call them title tags instead we call them names, in the same manner, internet word uses title tags to name different things especially websites and articles etc.

Title tags are displayed in search engine result page and they are very helpful to get good ranking in Google.

Writing attractive and emotional (more on it later) title tags are very important because they help us to get on the minds of our readers.

Optimize Length of Title Tags

The length of title tags plays a vital role in the optimization of your titles tags. If you create too much lengthy title tags they will but cut off by search engines when they are displayed in search engine result page which causes low click through rate and ultimately reduces your rankings.

What is the ideal length of title tags?

Although there are not any strict rules which state the exact length of title tags but there are some followable tips which you should know for generating ideal title tags.

  • Google does not concern with the number of characters your title tags have they uses pixel length for displaying title tags. The current pixel length used by Google is 512px. This length may include 60 characters (including spaces) if you use lower case characters and may include 50 characters (including spaces) if you use upper case characters.
  • The ideal length is between 50 to 60 characters which are normally not followed by ellipsis in search engines but if you use more than 60 characters you will find and ellipsis (…) symbol after your title in the search engine.

    ellipsis (...) symbol in search engines
    the ellipsis (…) symbol in search engines

Use Keywords In Proper Position

Keywords at a proper position in title tags are very important for ranking your pages against specific keywords.

Where is the perfect position for keywords in title tags?
  • If you want to rank for any specific keyword then it is a good practice to place that keyword in the beginning of your title tags.
Keywords in beginning of title tags
Keywords in beginning of title tags
  • Convert your simple keywords into LSI keywords so that your title tags are also be optimized for LSI keywords it will help you to get higher traffic for some other terms related to your focused keywords.

Use Modifiers in Title Tags for increasing Click Through Rate

Do you know what are modifiers?


Ok, let me answer, Modifiers are the words that are added in your title tags to make them more appealing and attractive.

Modifiers help to get good click through rate which directly leads to a higher ranking.

What are best modifiers I should use?

Some best and proven modifiers are as below;

  • Best
  • Review
  • Proven
  • Guide
  • 2016 (present year)
  • New
  • Hacks

Check your Heading Score

Heading score is the score given to your headings depending on common, uncommon, emotional and power strength of your words.

Heading score helps you to get better click through rate and more social shares. So, it is highly recommended to have heading score more than 60.

How to find Heading Score

There is the best tool for finding Heading Score provided by Co Schedule.

  • Simple open Heading Score by Co Schedule.
  • Type your heading in type your heading here … field and click on Analyze Now.
  • Heading Analyzer will take a few seconds and show your heading scores.

    Enter your text to begin headline analysis
    Enter your text to begin headline analysis
  • Scroll down a little more and you will find the Word Balance there. This word balance box contains details about your heading words.
    Word Balance of heading analyzer
    Word Balance of heading analyzer


SEO Tips For Writing Robust Meta Description Tags

Meta Description tags are very important, although they are not displayed on your original page but they are critical because they are displayed as a snippet when your site is displayed in search results.

Write Appealing Description

You can say Meta tags are not for users they are for search engines because they help search engines to determine your page’s topic.

How to write appealing description
  • The first rule for Meta Description tags is the length, they must not be more than 155 characters because Google will Cutts off everything after 155 characters.
  • Don’t stuff your keywords in Meta Description tags they will not help a little because Google can rewrite them.
  • If you think you should not write Meta Tags then you can skip them because Matt Cutts from Google states that Google can write Meta Tags itself.
  • Generate attractive Meta Description tags as they can help to increase CTR. Look an example below.

    How to write appealing description
    How to write appealing description

SEO Tips for URLs

URL is just one more important thing which helps you in boosting your site’s traffic.

So, it is important that you completely optimize your URL so they cannot reduce the chances of getting a higher ranking.

Add keywords in URL

Add keywords in URL
Add keywords in URL

Keywords in URL are useful and also important because they help your readers to jump to the specific pages of your site easily as simple URL can be remembered quickly.

The best method to make your URLs simple is by adding appropriate keywords.For example, I use simple URL for this page and I don’t think that you can’t remember it easily. It is easy to remember, no it?

Having Keywords in URL is not only useful for reads but it is also for search engines. Because URL is the first thing which search engines use to reach your page and you know the proven proverb “The first impression is the last impression”.

Make URLs Shorter

Google loves short URL and that’s why you will see the top 10 results of Google are always those pages which have short URLs.

If you don’t believe me then open Google and search for anything which you think is best for you, I am sure you will find 70% sites on the first page which short URLs.

So, it is a good practice to make your URLs shorter too.

How to make URLs shorter and attractive
  • Don’t stuff your URLs with Keywords. Just add two to three keywords.
  • Try to remove folders from URLs it makes the URLs much shorter. These folders may be years/month/date or category/subcategory etc.

    How to make URLs shorter and attractive
    How to make URLs shorter and attractive

SEO Tips for Writing SEO friendly Contents

Your SEO strategy is nothing until you have some great contents. The GREAT CONTENTS means something which is really great.

Writing SEO friendly contents is the most critical and significant part of SEO, without great contents, you cannot get good rankings even if you are the number one SEO expert. (I am not talking about Black Hat SEO)

You may have listened to the cliche “Quality is King” this is what I am going to reveal below.

Write for Your Audience not for Search engines

Write for Your Audience not for Search engines
Write for Your Audience not for Search engines

Writing for the audience is as important as writing because they are the real users of your pages, not the search engines. I am not saying don’t write for Search Engines also write for them but the first thing that should be in your mind is your readers, not the traffic.

If you ask me an example I would state this article because it has all the necessary information according to its title and it is also SEO friendly as I have designed it in a good manner and also have written many words.

Do complete Research before you start writing

It is your duty to provide your readers with the true information. If you do not provide the real information then you are cheating with them.

The best way to provide your readers with real information is to do complete research because you can get the answers to many questions which you may not know by doing a research.

How to do complete research on selected topic

Well, this is simple and easy too. Open and search the words you want to get information about. For example I have not written this whole article by myself, instead, I searched the Google for each and every topic and then compose this guide and believe me at this point it take me 4 days to write this article and I don’t know how many days will be taken to complete this article. I can write this article in just a single day but I do not do so because I want to provide my readers with something real and interesting so they can also visit my site again and can also share it with their friends too.

Use your Focus Keywords Effectively

Using focused keywords in different prominent places of your article is very important because Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing algorithm for checking the topic of your article. Focused keywords in different places are very important on page SEO Tip and are also recommended when you use Yoast SEO plugin.

Where Should You Use Focused Keywords in your Article
  • It all starts with URL, first put your focused keywords in the URLs.
  • Put your focused keywords in Headings H1 Tags.
  • Put your focused keywords in H2, h4 and H4 tags on your whole page.
  • Put your focused keywords in image names.
  • Put your focused keywords in every second paragraph.
Things to Keep in Mind;
  • Don’t use more than 1 H1 tags.
  • Don’t stuff your article with focused keywords.
  • Use keywords in image name but not for all.

Use LSI keywords

As I described above Google uses LSI algorithm for checking the topic of your pages.

Focused keywords are not also best for making Google understand your topic because Google also shows results for long tail keywords. So, the best method to get traffic and more attention is by using LSI keywords.

I have already described above how to find perfect LSI keywords.


How to Use LSI Keywords
  • First, you must have some LSI keywords which you want to use.
  • Modify you sentences according to LSI keywords. For example, if you want to write “SEO guide” at any place in your article then you can replace it with “Best SEO Guide for Beginners”. This is just an example and I am sure your can write much more than this.
  • The best place for LSI keywords is beginning the paragraph, title, headings, bold words etc.

Write Healthy Contents

Google loves two things number one informative and useful content number two lengthy articles and this is a proven thing.

Content length matters a lot in the SEO of your site and that is why it is always recommended to make your contents lengthy and informative.

But for doing so you must keep one thing in mind never pull your contents without any reason, for example, some beginners start writing contents having thousands of un-useful words this make you contents boring an un-interested which ultimately makes people leave your site and search for others. If you want to know how to make your contents lengthy and interesting too then I highly recommended you to read Powerful SEO Copywriting Secrets

Write Unique Contents

Unique contents are also considered one of the best way to get good ranking but what Unique Content are?

Good Question, A unique content is the content which is not copied anywhere from the web and is not similar to any other web page.

How to Write Unique Contents?
  • Manually check other contents which are related to your keywords, for example, if I want to check the uniqueness of this page then I will type SEO tips in Google and will look am I not repeating the same words as others have.
  • Using videos, images and other multimedia in your contents is the very good method to make them unique.
  • Always write natural words and information which can help the users this technique automatically makes your contents unique.

Use headings (H1-H6) perfectly

Headings play an important role because they help to make your contents attractive, beautiful and divide your sentences into paragraphs. Which ultimately help the readers to easily read and digest your contents.

SO, there is a good role of Headings in our content creation.

How to perfectly use Headings?
How to perfectly use Headings
How to perfectly use Headings
  • Use heading when you start a new sub-topic in your content, for example, I am using headings for every How To and SEO Tip this is dividing my content into the sections which make it simple to read and understand.
  • Use different fonts and different font size for all headings so users can easily understand the difference between the different sections.
  • Use at least four words for headings.
  • Never use more than one H1 tags, because Google uses these tags to decide the topic of your page.

Check your contents for Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Spelling and grammar mistakes can produce a bad impression on your visitors and search engines too, that it why it is highly recommended to check your contents for these mistakes.

How to check contents for spelling and grammar mistakes?
  • The first, tip is to check your contents manually because tools can often miss something.
  • When you have written your article don’t publish it send it to someone whom you trust and ask him to read it closely and find out mistakes if there is any.
  • There is also the best tool for checking the grammar and spelling mistakes in your contents and that is Grammarly. Grammarly can check your contents for spelling and grammar mistakes but if you have bought the premium version they can also check your contents for plagiarism.

SEO Tips for Using Multimedia

Multimedia in contents are very powerful because they make our contents attractive and more informative. So using images, videos, and infographics, in your contents is very useful and also help in getting better rankings.

Optimization of your images is most important because Google strictly says to optimize your images according to image publishing guidelines. I also recommend you to watch below video where Peter Linsley presents the Google Image Search.

Use Proper name for images

As I described above Images are the powerful tool to provide the best user experience. The images can also be used to improve the SEO of your pages.

You may be thinking how to do this?

It is very simple just use organic names for the images and don’t stuff your images with extra keywords. For example, some people start writing image name like this Keywords image 1, keywords image 2 and so on this creates a bad effect on your whole site and ultimately you lose the ranking your deserve.

How to write best image names?
  • Never write the same name for all images.
  • Rename images according to the place where you want to use them.
  • When you use images just after any heading make sure to name the image as the heading.
  • When you use images in paragraphs use words as image name which are very closely to image in the paragraph.

Don’t Embed Important Information into Images

Emending important information into images is a bad habit and if you are the victim of this bad habit then your should leave it because it does not help you for ranking.

You may wonder why not to embed important information into images?

Well, the answer is very simple all users cannot view the images.

Write Proper Alt Text

Alt is an HTML tag used for writing alternate text if the images which are added to a page are not displayed for any reason the alt text is displayed.

Besides this Google also forces to use proper ALT text for images. Because ALT tags help Google to understand what you image is about and what you have described.

Write a Short but Comprehensive Description/Caption

Image description and caption may look odd but it is very helpful because it helps your readers to quickly understand why you have embedded a specific image on your post.

Description or caption is shown when people hover over your images.

Write a Short but Comprehensive Description
Write a Short but Comprehensive Description
How to write a perfect description and caption?
  • Just write the information you want to share through images.
  • You can use your keywords but don’t stuff your keywords for every description or caption.

Reduce Image Size

You may be aware of this fact that Google has declared they are using Page loading speed as a ranking factor. So, it is a wise idea to reduce image size for loading your pages faster.

How to reduce Image Size?
  • Simple use online tools like Reduce Images or any other online program.
  • If you don’t want to involve in uploading and the downloading process then you can use Microsoft Paint for reducing image size. MS Paint is just an amazing tool for reducing image sizes.
  • If you are on WordPress then you can use some plugins for reducing images while you are uploading them.

Insert YouTube Videos

Videos are just next generation of images as images can help your readers to understand some steps easily.

Now videos are liked by the people because YouTube is the second biggest search engine of the words and the first one for videos. This shows people are also attracted towards images.

There are also many other benefits too if you use YouTube videos on your site.
  • Suppose 10 people visit your page where you have embedded a video. Normally people spend 1 minute on a site to check the contents if they find it interesting they keep on reading. Now if you have some YouTube videos and your visitors start watching these videos this will decrease your bounce rate which ultimately affects ranking.
  • As you know YouTube is owned by Google so Google gives importance to sites and pages which use YouTube videos other than any other video host.
  • YouTube videos provide best User experience because they are fast at loading and also have some other features.


SEO Tips for External Links

External links are used to refer to the outer sites.

These links have a good benefit in SEO.

If you search Google for any topic on Google and open some great sites like Moz, Search Engine Land, Backlinko, Neil Patel and any other site like this you will see they often link to another site, in fact, they have an external link under every two hundred words.

Because they know how much powerful is it to linking to other high authority sites. You can see an SEO expert (Brian Dean) saying about the importance of linking out.

why Linking out is important
why Linking out is important

Always link to high authority sites

I have found many sites which have good authority and the best thing is their authority goes on increasing once they reach to 50. I used to wonder how and why this happen. Then I come to know people and Google love those sites which link to high authority sites.

Now, you may ask why I am saying linking to authority sites is important?

Well, the answer is very simple when you link to any outer source Google immediately checks (after indexing using Search Console) either you are linking to good sources or not, if you are linking to good resources it means you are also providing something which is good but if you link to spam sites it means you may be a spam and this can reduce your site’s authority.

Switch between No-Follow and Do-Follow links

I have already described that how important is it to linking to authority sites and why you should?

In some scenarios, we may have such condition when we have to link to some low authority sites for example, in my previous article I contacted many people and asked for their best SEO tools they are using for the SEO of their sites. Most of them had started working on some new sites, therefore, they told me to link to their new site so they can get some backlinks for newly created sites. Now I had to link to them but if I link to a site which has 0 DA and 0 PA it would effect my own site.

In such conditions we should convert the links to no-follow so that it cannot affect our own sites.

How to add no-follow links?

  • Open the code of your page.
  • Add rel=”nofollow” immediately after the address for example.

    How to add no-follow links
    How to add no-follow links
  • If you cannot understand this example then just replace the address and anchor text from below example.
<a href="" rel="nofollow" >Pro SEO Guides</a>

SEO Tips for Internal Links

Internal links are very important especailly when we talk about on page SEO, your SEO strategy is null if you don’t use internal links.

There are many mistakes which newbiews make to internal links and below I will reveals some most commonly SEO mistakes which are done by newbiews while linking to their own contents.

Always Link Related Pages

Linking to your realted pages has many benefits. For example, search egnines can use the your internal linked pages to find which pages and posts of your sire are related to each other or falls in the same category.

One other benefit of linking to your most related pages is that it can increase your page view and untimately decreases the bounce rate which is an important ranking factor.

Don’t over optimize your anchor text

Anchor text are the visible and clickable words that are used to link to any other page. For example in below image I have used Grammarly and Plagiarism as anchor text. If you still don’t understand about what Anchor text is or want to read more details about this then I highly recommend you to read Ahrefs’s Guide To Anchor Text

Anchor Text Example
Anchor Text Example

Anchor text are helpful both for users and search engines because both of them use them to understand what and why you have linked to any other page.

How to prevent from over optimization of anchor text?
  • Try to not use exact keywords for which your linked page is optimized it may look SPAM.
  • Write some natural sentences as anchor text.

SEO Tips for Link Building

Undoubtely link building is the most difficult and most importatnt thing that you should do if you want to get higher rankings in a short period of time.

But getting backlinks from other authority sites is not an easy to do task. You have to work hours for getting backlinks while writing guest posts.

Nowadays guest posting has became an old method to get backlinks. The new generation of of SEO experts do not like to waste their time of writing guest posts for others sites and then get a backlink from them, instead, people look for some shortcuts by which they can easily get backlinks without guest posting.

So, here i have some best SEO tips for getting backlinks without guest posting.

Comment on Do-follow comment luv enabled blogs

Commenting on Do follow enabled comment luv blogs is the most easiest and method of getting high quality backlinks to your site.

The best thing which I love for this method is we just need to find some sites which have do-follow comment luv enabled and just post a great comment. A Massive List of 1,000 “Followed” CommentLuv Blogs (Guide)

But there is also a problem it is not as easy as you are thinking sites which give backlinks just for commenting do not easily approve your comments.

If you write some lines like “thank you sir for this guide it help me to rank” or other sentences of this kind you will never get your comment approve.

How to get comment approved on Comment Luv Enabled Blogs
  • First read the whole article and find the central idea of main purpose of the article and then write something about that in the comment.
  • Ask any question related to the topic of the page.
  • Find a point where the author has made a mistake or has not explained much and expand that.

Share Your Experience and Tools

You may be thinking what this is (Share Your Experience and Tools)?

Let me clear this for you.

Recently I published an article SEO experts share their favorite SEO tools.

There I asked many SEO experts for their favorite SEO tools and the reason for which they love to use these tools.

Most of people happily replied me and I give a followed backlink to them.

What was their contribute?

Most of the people just write 150 words about their favorite SEO tools and got a sweet backlink.

There are many sites on Google where you can share your experience and favorite SEO tools or anything of this kind and can get do follow backlinks very easily.

This s the super cool and the easiest method of getting backlinks.

Write Something Great

If you want to get backlinks without making any effort then the best thing is to write something which is really great and helpful.

You may be aware that people want to link to those sites which provide real and great information.

Just start writing something which is really unique and helpful. You will start getting backlinks automatically.

How to write something great?
  • Write something which is not available on the internet before you present.
  • Write in detail article which can cover a whole topic.
  • Link to other useful resources it creates a good effect on your site’s users.

Write News As They Happen

If you are in such an industry where things happen in every second then you can get backlinks by writing news. For example, if you write about technology then you can share technology related news on your blog. People will start linking to your pages.

If you are in industries like SEO then you can share news like Google Updates or anything of this kind it will help you to get backlinks very easily.

Share Your Contents on Social Media

Social Media helps a lot in getting early buzz for your contents.

Whenever you write something just share that on social media. This technique is used by many SEO experts because it is really helpful and amazing.

Before you share your contents on social media make sure you are sharing your contents on good communities where people love to see your contents. For example, if you are on Facebook then create or join some groups related to your niche, if you are on Twitter then get as many followers as you can (but related to your niche) the best method of getting followers on Twitter is by following other people.

Once you are in a good community start sharing your contents.

People will visit your site and if they like it they will definitely link to it or at least will share it with their own followers and friends.

Claim Unlinked Mentions

Unlinked mention means references to your site, name, product or services without inserting link to your contents or pages.

This trick will only work if you have some best services or products which people want to refer to other.

Finding unlinked mentions is very easily because you can tools like Google Alerts, Moz and some other tools to find unlinked mentions. Ahrefs is also a very good tool for finding unlinked mentions.

If you don’t have much budget then you can use Google alerts or some search operators to find the unlinked mentions very easily. Fortunately Moz has a very good Guide to Using Unlinked Brand Mentions for Link Acquisition.

The method is very simple you have to find an unlinked mention and then contact the website owner of the author of the article and make them to link back to your site. If they can refer to you then they can surely give a link back to your site. This technique has a relatively high success rate because if someone can refer to you then they can also link to you.

Get Backlinks From Wikipedia

Do you want to get backlinks for Wikipedia?

I know you want. You may have never listen that you can also get backlinks from Wikipedia but you can get backlinks from Wikipedia very easily.

The backlinks from Wikipedia are the most powerful because there is nothing better than Wikipedia.

Let me clear this for you, if you have 10 backlinks from low authority sites and one backlink from a good authority site like Wikipedia then it is better because Wikipedia is the most authoritative site.

I have found a very detailed and good guide for getting backlinks for Wikipedia so read Wikipedia Link Building.

SEO Tips For Providing Amazing User Experience

Providing user experience is very important because Google has started rolling out sites which are not providing user experience to their users.

Use Mobile Friendly Theme

Using Mobile Friendly Themes has become very important because Google has started penalizing all those sites which are not mobile friendly.

Fortunately there is not any problem to make your site Mobile friendly if you are n WordPress or any other CMS like Blogger.

You just need to download a theme from the Google and install on your blog and that’s it you have successfully converted your site into a super mobile friendly version.

If you want to check either your site is mobiel friendly or not then you can check it through Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Make Your Site Load Faster

As I have already discussed that page loading speed is an important ranking factor so your should take care of the loading speed of your site.

According to Kissmetrics if your site take one more second to load then you can lose 7% of conversion.

Making your site load faster is not very easy especially bringing the load time under 1 second.

Here are some Tools for checking the Load Time of Your Site
  • Google Insights is the best tool for checking the loading speed of your site because Google always provides us with some best Tools and Google Insights is one of them. So, I highly recommend you to use this great tool for checking the load time of your site.
  • GTMetrix is just another best tool for checking the loading time of your site. You can compare your site’s results with others to determine how fast do your site load.

I recommended you to read The Ultimate Guide On Speeding Up Page Load Time!

Use Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO Plugin is the best plugin for WordPress. If you ask me which plugin I could use if there is only one plugin allowed in WordPress then that was just Yoast SEO Plugin.

Features of Yoast SEO plugin
  • Helps to customize the title tags.
  • You can find how many times you have mentioned your focused keywords.
  • Rate the readability of your post.
  • Rates the optimization of your post.


This was a great list of SEO Tips. I hope it has helped you to optimize your site.

If I have missed any important SEO tip or you have any new SEO tips then let me know via comments.

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