Here in this guide you will learn what is on page SEO? Why on page SEO is important for your site? Best on page Optimization techniques for perfectly optimizing your pages.

SEO has an important role in making your websites and its pages perfectly optimized and giving you high ranking in search results. When we talk about SEO we cannot ignore some important aspects of SEO and one of them is On Page SEO.

On page SEO is very important SEO technique which can take your site from zero to the top is just days.

So our today’s topic is on page SEO and table of content is below.

On Page SEO: Best On Page Optimization Techniques for a perfect optimized page

On Page SEO Techniques for perfectly optimizing your pages
On Page SEO Techniques for perfectly optimizing your pages

There are many, many seo guides available on the internet which you can use and learn On Page Optimization techniques but I can surely say you cannot find a guide like this one because I have highlighted some very useful and rare on page optimization techniques for boosting your site’s ranking as well as optimizing your pages perfectly.

Why do we need on page SEO?

At least what is the reason that me and all successful bloggers, webmasters etc. are recommending SEO as an important factor if you want to rank higher in search results.

Well, SEO is important for a site because it has such rules which we can use to optimize our sites as well as its contents and the rules of white hat SEO also not harm the users as well as search engines rules and policies.

When we talk about SEO the first thing comes in our mind in on page optimization which is an important aspect of SEO.

In On page optimization we optimize our content using such tactics which search engines love and find in contents which they want to show in the top search results.

So let’s start the great list of on page SEO optimization techniques

1. Making SEO Friendly URLs

URLs have a great role in making a perfect optimized page.

Matt Cutts from Google has clearly stated that URLs can also be used for ranking your contents but for doing this they must have 3-5 keywords in beginning because keywords in URL helps Google and other search engines to determine the main keywords of the page.

Always try to make your URLs as short as you can because it will help you rank higher easily.

Although URLs do not have too much value but they are still important because a single optimization technique can rank your page on the top spot of Google. I recommend you to read Search Engine Journal guide Five Steps to SEO-Friendly Site URL Structure.

An optimized URL is one which has a good structure.

Things you should know when editing URLs
  1. URL must not be too much long/ugly for example,
  2. Make URL easy to readable and understandable for example,
  3. Don’t use numbers instead of words, for example, etc.
  4. One page should not be accessible with different URLs for example, and

2. Making SEO Friendly Title Tags

Title tags are considered the most important on-page SEO factors that’re why it must be optimized in a good manner otherwise you may not get the fruit of your hard work.

Search engines use title tags to determine the topic of your page if you have used your focused keywords in title tags which you want to rank for you can get ranking easily.

There are many factors which are used to optimize your title tags for search engines as well as for users some of them are described below.

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3. Keywords in beginning of title tags

Undoubtedly, keywords in the beginning of your title tags help you to rank for your specific focused keywords which you have chosen and want to rank your page for these keywords. You can see experts having keywords in the beginning of title tags in below image.

Keywrods in beginning of title tags
Keywrods in beginning of title tags

When you use keywords beginning of your title tags search engines easily understand the main topic of your page and show them when your targeted keywords are searched.

The second benefit is if you have to use a long title tag (more than 70 characters) then you main keywords will be displayed at the beginning of your title in search engine result page which can help you to improve the click through rate (If you have good CTR your site’s pages will be automatically ranked higher)

The third benefit is users can easily understand the main topic of your contents and can open your site’s results from search results page.

4. Length of title tags

The length of title tags is also important as Google and all other search engines display a specific number of characters in the result page.

There is not the exact limit of characters which you should use because it depends on many factors, I recommended you to read the Moz’s article on Title Tag Length Guidelines because they have explained it in a very well way.

5. Use Modifiers in Title tags

Modifiers are the words that are added in title tags to make them more appealing and attractive. These words include “Best”, “Guide”, “New”, “2016”, “Review”, “Easy” and some other words of this kind.

Modifiers just show the shadow of LSI Keywords which ultimately makes you title tags rank for long tail keywords.

So, it is a wise idea to add at least one modifier in your title tags.

Things you should know when you write Title Tags
  1. The length of title tags must not be more than 63 characters (It may vary with upper or lower case because Google gives just 600px of area for titles in search result page.)
  2. Use keywords in the beginning of title tags in such a way they make sense.
  3. Don’t stuff your title tags with keywords.
  4. Using “Best” and “New” also helps you to boost your CTR because when a user sees these words in the search page they click to see what is NEW or BEST.

6. Using Meta Description

Back in 2009, Google has announced that they are not using Meta Description tags for ranking of web pages but Meta description tags are still important because Google uses some phrases from Meta Description tags to identify the topic of your page.

You will be wondering why Google is not using Meta Description tags then below is a video describing you the reason;

And what if Google is not using Meta description tags there are many other search engines like Bing, Yahoo and they use meta description tags, so it is important to add meta description tags for your contents.

7. Correct Use of Heading Tags for SEO

Heading Tags are extremely powerful and search engines also read your heading tags. These tags are used to break up your page into subsection so that users can easily find the information they are looking for.

Heading Tags are classified from H1 to H6 all of these heading tags are very important because the words used in heading tags are also considered as the secondary topic of your contents.

8. Using Keywords in H1 Tags

H1 Tags are the most powerful heading tags than other ones.

You should write your Keywords in H1 tag they will help your user and search engines to determine the main topic of your site and ultimately your contents.

PRO Tips for H1 Tags:

9. Using Keywords in H2 Tags

H2 tags are also called subheadings and they are the mostly used for creating subheadings including keywords in your subheadings is also a wise idea.

10. Use Multimedia for Boosting SEO

If you are just using text on your pages then your visitors may be bored and can feel difficulty while understanding your points.

Multimedia (Images & Videos) is the best and easiest way to make your visitors happy and engaging with your contents.

11. Optimize you Images

Using Images in your contents is a wise idea and they really help in optimizing your pages perfectly.

For optimizing images with your contents use your target keywords in any image name, ALT tags and consider reducing the Image size.

Use your targeted keywords in any of your image names.

Always use ALT tag for your images because alt tags help your images to appear in image search results.

Use proper Anchor text
Use proper Anchor text and ALT text

If your images have a small size they will load faster, if you are using WordPress then use any image size reducing plugin.

12. Use YouTube Videos

Use YouTube Videos in your contents
Use YouTube Videos in your contents

Using YouTube videos in your contents is the easiest way to optimize your contents for search engines and reach at the top of Google. You may have seen YouTube videos are also displayed in the search results and when you have embedded YouTube videos in your contents they help your pages to boost easily.

Always upload your own video to YouTube and add a description of 250 + words for that YouTube video in this way your videos will work better.

13. Use Keywords in first 100 words

If you write naturally then you can drop your keywords in first 100 words very easily as you know some people start writing their blog posts which a long intro having hundreds of words and the often use their targeted keywords after a long introduction which does not produce a good impression on users as well as search engines.

Use Keywords in first 100 words
Use Keywords in first 100 words

14. Make your pages load faster

Fast page loading speed has become an important ranking factor and Google has clearly stated this on their webmaster’s blog.

If you want to find the loading speed of your site then you can check it on Google’s free page speed checking tool called page insights.

PRO Tips for making your Pages load Faster:

  • If you are on WordPress then use any cache plugin that helps a lot in loading your pages faster.
  • Use such hosting site which provides premium hosting.

15. Use Mobile Friendly Design

Back in 2015 Google has started penalizing all those sites which are not mobile friendly and they have clearly said this on their webmaster’s blog.

If you want to check either your site is mobile friendly or not then you can use Google’s Mobile friendly site testing tool.

16. Internal Linking

Internal links are very useful as they help you to make your visitor to keep on reading your pages as well as increase the number of page views per visitor. Not only this internal linking creates a web of links in around your blog and when search engine bots start crawling your pages they crawl each and every page of your websites.

If you want to see some examples of internal linking then there is nothing better than Wikipedia they have average 50 internal links on their each page, but for you, 5-10 per 5000 words are enough.

Internal Linking for on page SEO
Internal Linking for on page SEO

17. External Linking

External linking is has become the most popular on page SEO technique since a couple of years because Google has started giving importance to those pages who often link to useful and authority pages.

So it is a wise idea to link to external useful resources because they create a good impression on your users as well as on search engines.

If you are still in a fix should you link to external sites then read Moz’s guide on 5 Reasons You Should Link Out to Others From Your Website

18. USE LSI Keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing or you can say it is the synonyms of your targeted keywords.

Google has updated its algorithm and now it has started using LSI keywords to identify the topic of pages and the most interesting thing is that you can receive more traffic using LSI keywords without having the problem of competition because LSI keywords never come in competition.

Keywords like on page SEO, SEO Techniques, SEO Guides, Link building techniques have high competition and are also difficult to rank but keywords link on page SEO techniques for optimizing web pages don’t have much competition and are also easy to rank.

If you want to find some LSI keywords then you can use tools like LSI Graph or use look at the bottom of Google search result page.

LSI Keywords using Google
LSI Keywords using Google

19. Long Contents

Long contents are loved by search engines that’s why Google displays long contents in top 10 search results.

When we talk about long contents the first thing which popups in our mind is what is the ideal length of a long content. Well, there is no standards for writing long contents but your pages must have at least 1500 words.

The number of words in your pages also vary with your niche for example, if you are running a blog related to technology, news, or jobs etc. than 1000 words are enough but if you are writing about SEO then you should write 2000 + words contents.

Below is a graph showing average number of words for all niches.

post long contents
post long contents

Now it’s up to you how long contents you can write.

20. Create Engaging Contents

Your site’s contents are the main reason for which someone visits on your site. So your contents must be engaging, interesting, attractive, useful and informative.

Creating such a content is not a easy task but it is important. So you can read below guides for creating engaging contents.

  1. 5 Ways to Create Engaging Content Your Audience Will Share BY Entrepreneur
  2. 26 Ways to Create Engaging Content BY Social Media Examiner
  3. 10 Ways To Create Engaging Content For Action BY Search Engine Land
  4. How to Create Engaging Content BY Search Engine Journal

21. Increase Dwell Time

Dwell time is the time which a visitor spends on your site.

Well, Dwell time is often not considered as an on page SEO factor but it is important or say very important because Google takes care of all the thing which happen on your site. For example, when a visitors from Google search result page open your site and clicks on the back button after opening the page this will consider that your site has not good information or contents that’s why visitors immediately clcik on the back button and open a new result.

Google records dwell time and use it as an important ranking factor for your site.

Now you will be thinking how to increase Dwell time of your site.

Well, this is also very simple let me explain it.

  • First start your pages with some useful intro so that visitors thing you have provided something that deserves a read.
  • Show your popularity to get into the mind of readers.
  • Put a list of contents in beginning of your page so that reader can immediately see what you are providing.
  • Use short paragraphs in beginning of your contents it help readers to easily read and digest your contents.

22. Use Social Button

Social button don’t help in optimizing your pages, who says so? I don’t agree that social button are not helpful in optimizing and boosting your site’s ranking in Google. Google’s Matt Cutts has also cleared this in a video that now Google is using social signals as a ranking factor.

Social button are very useful especially when you have created a super good piece of contents are readers are finding a way to share your contents with their friends.

Social button increase your social presence and consequently more people read your contents and when your content is red more time it gives two benefits number one it increase your page views number two it helps in increasing back links.

23. Reading Level

Have you ever read any legal document like privacy policies or terms of conditions of any big company? What do you think are they easy to read and understand? No, for me they are not written by humans, instead, they are for aliens (just kidding). I am saying this because a normal person cannot understand those sentence, words and vocabulary. Can you? I can bet 95% of the people cannot understand those pages. Here in this situation we have a term that is called read level.

Reading level of your contents tells you how hard or easy to read your contents are.

You contents are not always read by experts as internet is used by a huge range of users that includes students, office workers, retired employees and may be by many other depending on your niche all of them have there own reading level.

So you should optimize your contents for all users, if you are on WordPress and using Yoast SEO plugin than you must have seen “Flesch Reading Ease Test” and that is what I am going to tell you. If your reading level score is about 60 – 70 then it is good but if it is not than you should take it seriously.

Flesch Reading Ease
Flesch Reading Ease

24. Encourage Comments

Google gives a slight ranking boost to those sites which have good comment communities at the end of their every article.

When you will encourage comments on your contents it will increase your reputation in Google’s eyes and consequently you will be rewarded with a little boost in rankings. It means comments affect your site’s ranking if you want to know how they effect your rankings then read Shout Me Loud’s article on Effect Of Comments On Blog Traffic 

25. Increase Click Through Rate

Google uses click through rate to rank website and I am 1000% sure for this because this has happened with me. I have boosted the traffic of a site by just increasing the click through rate.

Wondering how can CTR increase your rankings the watch below video created by Brian Dean.

This was the list of On Page SEO Techniques for optimizing your web pages.

All of the above techniques are easy to follow and I am sure if you follow them you will always find your site in the top of search result page.